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Intercure 4500

Intercure 4500

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Technical data sheet

Intercure 4500 is a high solid, low VOC, fast drying one coat that provides excellent corrosion protection in moderately corrosive environments (ISO 12944-2 Corrosivity Category C3 environments) while maintaining good looks and durability over long periods of time. The innovative product, formulated on the basis of polyaspartic acid ester, is intended for single-layer application directly onto metal substrates and can be applied with normal processing equipment.
In Corrosivity Category C3 environments, Intercure 4500 replaces alternative two-coat systems and, as a single coat, provides corrosion protection while maintaining aesthetic appeal.

Fast drying at low temperatures and rapid hardness build-up make Intercure 4500 ideal for use in fabrication shops looking to save on heating costs and increase productivity, or for shops in colder climates. For OEMs where productivity and process efficiency are paramount, the Intercure 4500 offers significant benefits.

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