Collection: Coating products and services for the oil, gas and chemical industries

In order to meet all requirements in the downstream and processing sector, we offer coating materials for a wide range of applications. In addition, with Interplan © we have an IT application that supports you in the maintenance of your systems.

New construction

We want to protect your assets over longer periods of time. Based on the globally applicable standards ISO 12944 and NORSOK, we supply a range of coating systems for new buildings.

International product range (e.g. Interzinc© and Interzone©)



Internal coating of tanks

Our extensive range of chemically resistant internal coatings is permanently resistant to a large number of filling goods. Whether your tank is filled with harsh chemicals or operates at high temperatures, we can offer you an inner lining tailored to your requirements. Tested and approved according to national and international regulations.

Interline © range
Enviroline © range



Temperature resistance and prevention of corrosion under the insulation

Whether you need a temperature resistant coating or want to prevent corrosion under insulation, we have a variety of products to solve your problem.

Intertherm © CSA range

Plant management with our IT application Interplan ©

You can better manage coating and maintenance work when you know what to coat, when, and how. Maintaining assets in difficult environments is a challenging task. Complex corrosion protection tasks such as preventing corrosion under insulation, maintaining tank interior coatings or ensuring fire protection require good planning.