Collection: Added value for your company in mechanical and plant engineering.

You do everything to optimize your business. Wouldn't it be good if the supplier of your coating materials acted in the same way?

We create innovations and help our customers to achieve higher added value for their business. We have developed our own product range for OEMs in the mechanical and plant engineering sector: The OEM 3200 product family.

    • Products with which the productivity of the manufacturing processes in steel construction can be increased, e.g. Intergard®
    • Support for process optimization to simplify production, with e.g. Intercure®
    • Saving of working hours through quick-drying single-layer systems, with e.g. Interthane ©
      • economical and processing-oriented solutions, e.g. Interlac ©
      • Search for new ways to improve maintenance, assembly and repair plans, with e.g. Interfine® and Interzone®

          Perhaps we are already working with your future business partners. From mechanical and structural contractors to OEM parts manufacturers, we can draw on our contacts and use our experience to provide you with less complex specifications and facilitate the coordination of projects.