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Intercure 420HS

Intercure 420HS

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Technical data sheet

Intercure 420HS is a two component, low VOC, high solids, micaceous micaceous epoxy intermediate coating that provides excellent barrier corrosion protection , good low temperature drying properties and a fast overcoat.

The product is used as a high build intermediate coat in a high performance coating system in hostile environments such as offshore structures, bridges, petroleum processing and chemical plants and power plants where it provides excellent barrier corrosion protection.

The addition of micaceous iron pigments increases the barrier effect and improves the long-term reworkability of the system. This makes the product ideal for application in steel construction, with the coating system then being completed after transport to the construction site. The fast drying and recoatability of Intercure 420HS allows for flexibility in fabrication and the ability to use the product for both new build and on site maintenance coatings.

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