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Interfine 979

Interfine 979

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Technical data sheet

Patented high solids, high performance, two-component, inorganic hybrid topcoat that contains no free isocyanates. Interfine 979 exhibits significantly better gloss retention and color retention than typical polyurethane topcoats. This product also has better gloss retention and color retention than first generation epoxy modified polysiloxane topcoats.

Interfine 979 is part of International's premium line of polysiloxane topcoats. It has been developed as a product with long lasting excellent color retention and gloss retention and when used in a high performance anti-corrosion system offers a very long service life before the first maintenance measures are required.

Interfine 979 offers a dual advantage with its corrosion resistance and aesthetically pleasing appearance: not only is it extremely durable, but it also has good barrier performance comparable to that of a traditional epoxy midcoat, and therefore offers the ability to reduce the number of at Reduce the number of layers required in a high-performance, multi-layer system , thereby reducing processing costs and increasing processing productivity .

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