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Interline 994

Interline 994

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Technical data sheet

Chemically resistant 2K interior tank coating based on epoxy phenolic resin novolac.

Interline 994 is designed to store a variety of aggressive chemicals and solvents. Chemically resistant interior coating system with improved performance properties:
- Excellent chemical resistance
- Resistant to immersion in hot media
- FDA compliant coating for interior surfaces of bulk storage tanks
and vegetable oils including palm oils at temperatures up to 90ºC (194ºF)
- User-friendly three-layer thin-layer system
- Can be processed with normal airless devices
Applications include internal coatings in the oil, gas and chemical industries, in mining and hydraulic engineering on systems such as storage tanks, pressure vessels, for internal and external coating of pipelines. In the railway industry the product is resistant to molten sulfur.
Can be used for new buildings and in the maintenance/repair area.

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