Interthane 3230G

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Technical data sheet

Fast drying, high solids, 2K, low VOC, acrylic polyurethane based gloss single coat. The product is formulated with zinc phosphate, providing additional protection against corrosion, as well as a visually appealing appearance and durable finish.

Part of the International 3200 range specifically for use as a one or two coat primer/topcoat system to protect heavy construction equipment, agricultural machinery, railroad cars, material handling and lifting equipment, pumps, valves, gear blocks and other small engines and machinery.

Interthane 3230G has the following key features:-
- Good adhesion to properly prepared steel, galvanized steel and stainless steel
- Contains no lead chromate
- Fast handling and rapid drying with high solids volume
- Good gloss retention and color stability
- Universal application layer thickness enables one or two-layer application.



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