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Intertherm 715

Intertherm 715

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Technical data sheet

A temperature-transforming paint, one-component, based on a modified silicone. Hue changes from green to blue at temperatures between 180-220°C (356-428°F) and from blue to white at temperatures between 310-350°C (590-662°F) .

A functional coating used to indicate faults in the insulation of internal parts, then optically changing color in response to temperature rise. It is mostly used on reaction vessels in chemical and petrochemical plants as a one-time warning of dangerous temperature increases. This product can be applied to stainless steel in two coats as a self-priming system or as an optimal corrosion protection for carbon steel
- Substrates can be used on an inorganic zinc primer. Suitable for application both at the point of manufacture and at the point of use.

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