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Polibrid 705E

Polibrid 705E

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Technical data sheet

Solvent-free, elastomeric polyurethane coating.
The product hardens quickly and can be applied in any layer thickness using 2K airless hot spraying. It offers optimal protection in corrosive environments. Geotextiles can be inserted into the coating so that reinforced geomembrane inner coatings are created as composite systems. Polibrid 705E repair kits are also available for hand touching up relatively small areas of previously applied material.
Polibrid 705E can be used as an internal coating for contact with various chemicals, for drinking water and waste water systems or collection facilities. These qualities, as well as the ability to get the coated equipment back into service quickly, make the product ideal for use in the water and wastewater industry, in mining and for various other industrial applications.

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